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Frequently Asked Questions

We are located at the address below. Our CFS department is located at Dock Doors 1-7.
1700 Wynne Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108
Our Firms Code is K320.
We charge $80 per MAWB or per split shipment.
We charge one of two ways for storage. We have a daily minimum of $35 per day or $1.50 per 100lbs. whichever is greater.
We need any applicable TSF and storage fees to be paid up front before the release of the shipment. We also need Proof of Clearance from Customs (i.e. 3461 and ACE Notification of Release/ABI notes). When picking up your shipment you MUST reference your K3 shipment number assigned to you upon your shipments arrival, we will not release freight using any other reference numbers. Your driver will then sign for your shipment electronically so you know when it has left the CFS station.
You can query your shipment by MAWB, MB, HBL, IT number, SMSP#, SORD# or Container. You will then be able to print out an Arrival notice if your freight is available stating the necessary information for your shipment.
We do not offer delivery through our company. We do have a sister company, SBS Transportation, that handles deliveries at the same location our CFS station is at.
We offer the ability to Sort your shipment by PO, inspections, relabeling and other various services. Please contact us at ImportCFS@s3pl.com to obtain a quote.
  • Reference your K3 number when picking up and in the subject line of all correspondence.
  • Remember to CC:ImportCFS@s3pl.com on all correspondence regarding your shipment.